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Technical Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and answers

1How am I able to check the WiFi speed at JKG Tower WiFi ecosystem?
2How many login sessions am I connect to with my WiFi username?
With each username, you are only able to connect to one device at a time. Whether its on your mobile phone, laptop, tablet or desktop, you will only be able to connect to a single session. The network will automatically connect to the most recently connected device and disconnect from any previous connected device.
3How to connect the Wifi @JKG Ecosystem?
From your phone, laptop & tablet, just look for “JKG Wifi –Open”, this will automatically load the JKG login session webpage to enable you to login.
4How long can I be connected to Internet through Wifi?
If your Premium user (unlimited connection with a fix bandwidth speed) and for the 50 JKG Wifi user company login (unlimited connection with fix speed of 5Mbps)
5What is the coverage distance of Wireless Access Point (APs) at JKG Wifi Ecosystem?
For 2.4GHz indoor Line On Site performance 45m (150 ft) and Outdoor Line of site performance 91m (300 ft). 5.8GHz indoor Line On Site performance 6-12m (20 -40 ft) and Outdoor is similar but if there are any obstructions the speed rate will decline.
6What the frequency that can be connected through phone, laptop?
JKG WiFi uses 2.4GHz for longer distances with a nominal speed and 5.8GHz for shorter distances but transmits data at faster speeds.
7Is the Internet safe to access through JKG WiFi and JKG CPE Broadband?
Safety & security is of paramount importance. The JKG WiFi ecosystem is protected by an Enterprise Grade firewall and all necessary precautions and prevention measures have to been taken to ensure you have safe access to the Internet.
1What are the packages that is offered at JKG Wifi?
Click here, to find out more about the Services we offer tenant's at JKG Tower.
2What is CPE Services at JKG Tower?
CPE Services enables Internet Connectivity to your office premises. With the CPE packages, tenant's can reduce investment cost on their Networking hardware and enjoy greater cost savings.
3What are the types of CPE Services available?
Tenant's can have Internet connections from 20Mbps, 30Mbps, 50Mbps to 100Mbps, plus options of Fixed IP as well.
4Who should I speak to to enquire about JKG's WiFi Services?
Please contact our Customer Care Specialist, Yuana at +603-2775 0222 or email her at for all your enquiries.
5If I require Technical Support for IT Services or JKG WiFi services at JKG Tower, who do I call?
You may contact our IT Careline support services, by emailing during office hours.

Services Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and answers

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