Fair Usage Policy

MOC refers to M-One Concept Sdn Bhd

1.1 This Fair Usage Policy (“Policy”) sets out an acceptable level of conduct between M-One Concept Sdn Bhd (shall be referred to as “MOC”) and its customers using the Broadband internet and any other Service. MOC believes that all internet users should be responsible in their usage and how it affects other users.

1.2 Whilst connection is “always on” for each customer, the available bandwidth is shared by all customers active at a particular point in time. A small portion (about 1%) of customers use a very large portion (about 30%) of bandwidth based on our data and that from other broadband service providers.

1.3 If the customer needs a 1:1 service and exclusive access to their bandwidth then the customer will need an internet leased line where there is no contention until the World Wide Web router.

1.4 To overcome this biaseness, this Policy is in place to ensure all Maxis’ customers have a good experience.

1.5 MOC may, from time to time, change this Policy without further notice to its customers. Please visit the MOC’s web page periodically to determine any changes to this Policy.

1.6 This Policy supplements the Terms & Conditions and Fair Usage Policies by its Internet Service Providers as indicated below:-

1.6.1 Maxis: https://business.maxis.com.my/terms-conditions/business/business-solutions/maxis-fair-usage-policy/

1.6.2 Time dotCom: https://www.time.com.my/fair-usage-policy

1.6.3 Telekom Unifi: https://unifi.com.my/agreements-others

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